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Embracing Winter

Winter, throughout history and in many spiritual traditions,

has been a time to slow down, to turn inward, and to rest deeply. In today’s Western culture we often have negative feelings about Winter, as nature reflects death and decay and it is easy to fall into seasonal depression, a sense of hopelessness, boredom, and other feelings we typically perceive as negative. For those who are in their end-of-life season, and for their caregivers, this time can be especially difficult. You may notice increased feelings of burnout, grief, or you may simply be more tired than usual.

I would invite you to consider a reframe of this cold, dark season. What if, instead of viewing it as something to just “get through,” we saw it as a gift? What if we were able to, in a world of constant busy-ness, give ourselves permission to slow down, being gentle with ourselves, and giving our bodies, minds and souls what they are asking for? This season is not forever, and spring will soon come. But it is not here yet… and perhaps this time is exactly what we are longing for.

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