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Our Mission

Guided by a deep respect for the sanctity of life, our mission is to provide compassionate, patient-led hospice care, honoring each individual's choices and needs. We are committed to educating and empowering families, helping them understand and navigate the dying process with dignity and support. Together, we embrace life's final journey, ensuring our patients and their loved ones feel valued, heard, and peacefully accompanied every step of the way.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every individual and family experiences the dignity, support, and understanding they deserve during the final chapters of life. We strive to be a beacon of enlightenment in hospice care, setting the standard for compassionate, respectful, and responsive service.

These core values reflect Lighthouse Hospice’s dedication to patient-centered, innovative care recognizing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs unique to life’s end.

Compassionate Respect: Embracing each patient’s unique journey with dignity, honoring their choices and requests, and respecting their individual values and needs throughout the end of life.

Mindful Presence: Remaining fully present and connected, providing a peaceful and safe environment that supports not just the patient but also the family and caregivers, ensuring all feel listened to and cared for.

Adaptive Support: Demonstrating flexibility and innovation in responding to diverse and changing needs, meeting patients and families where they are, and accommodating both conventional and unconventional requests.

Empowering Education: Committing to educate and empower families, enabling them to navigate the end-of-life process with grace and understanding.

Joyful Service: Celebrating life and the privilege of supporting others, infusing joy and love into our care, and striving to leave a lasting, positive impact on everyone we serve.

Our Values

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