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At Lighthouse Hospice, our mission is to earn your trust. Trust is sacred to us because it is the measure of how well we have learned who our patients really are, communicated clearly, built sincere relationships, and provided excellent clinical care that is personalized to each patient, family, and circumstance.

Our Mission

Our Vision




Our vision at Lighthouse Hospice is to become the most competent and inspiring hospice in the Treasure Valley. We believe that the idea that everyone has a right to the highest quality of care applies to everyone we serve from patients, to doctors, to pharmacists, and to our own staff.

We create an environment where we are always seeking to improve upon what is good today so we can be better tomorrow. At Lighthouse Hospice, we are proud to be a small, locally owned and operated business that chooses to put quality patient care and effective staff appreciation

and retention above our bottom line results. 







Our work puts a big smile on our faces and we find it gratifying to say: "I work for Lighthouse Hospice". We are proud because of the incredible people that are on this team, because of the amazing care that is given to our patients, and the fact that we get to serve our team members, our community, and so many wonderful families in need of our expertise. 


At Lighthouse Hospice, we respect individual differences and believe that diversity creates a strong team and community. We take time to learn the unique qualities of each person and build upon commonalities and strengths. 


This is an ancient African word meaning "I am what I am because of who we all are". At Lighthouse Hospice, we strive to respect and honor every person that we meet as if their life has already blessed our own. We know that as we listen to people more intently, slow down, and see people for who they really are, we will find ourselves having been changed for the better every day. 


Our hospice team exists to serve others. While each of our caregivers, clinicians, and administrators may have challenges outside of work, our commitment is that we leave those things there and serve each person to the fullest.


We hire people with integrity knowing that trust is the foundation for great teamwork and achieving the results we seek. We nurture this culture by holding ourselves accountable to our mission statement. 



Stephen R. Covey

"Trust is the glue of life. It is the

most essential ingredient of effective communication. It's the foundational principle that holds

all relationships."

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