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Kellie Stanger MS, RN, CHPN


Brock Callister


Brock Callister received a BBA in Accounting from Boise State University. His work history has not been in the medical field, however, he became familiar with hospice and the great service it provides through close family members who needed Hospice care.

He was born in Boise, Idaho, but was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He and his wife, Jodi, have been married for over 25 years and have four children and one daughter-in-law. He developed a love for adventure and the outdoors while growing up in the islands and continues fulfilling this passion as a competitive obstacle course racer, participating each year in Spartan races throughout the western United States.

Dr. Michael Foutz

Medical Doctor

Dr. Michael Foutz graduated with honors from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology-Molecular Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He earned his M.D. at University of Utah and completed his internship and residency at Family Practice Residency of Idaho in Boise. He joined the Lighthouse Team as their Medical Director in September of 2017. Dr. Foutz’s professional experience includes:

  • Community Attending Physician, Family Medicine Residency of Idaho

  • Associate Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine

  • On-Call Supervising Physician, Idaho State School and Hospital

  • Former Medical Director, Family Home Hospice

  • Former Physician Oversight of Counseling Services, Access Living Behavioral Health

  • Former Vietnamese Interpreter at St. Luke’s Medical Centers, Boise

Dr. Foutz has privileges at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Meridian. He is a member of the Ada County Medical Society, Idaho Medical Association, and the American and Idaho Academy of Family Practice

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Kelly Corley MSW, LCSW

Social Worker

Kelly has worked in hospice for over 15 years, earning her Master’s Degree at Sacramento State University. Previously she worked with children and teens experiencing emotional and mental health issues. After her father suffered a major stroke when he was 50, she and her family faced challenging end of life decisions.  “I encountered a wonderful social worker, nurse and doctor at the hospital. It was at this time, I decided I wanted to be a hospice social worker.”

Kelly lives life to the fullest, doesn’t sweat the small things, and embraces life. She is passionate about life, her family, and ensuring services, dignity and respect are given to all people.  She enjoys boating, hiking with her family, and watching her kids play sports.  On her bucket list:  a trip to Africa.  A favorite quote is this: My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” Maya Angelou

Carol Plott BSN, RN

Clinical Liaison

Carol has been a nurse for 22 years and worked as a NICU (Newborn ICU nurse) until joining Hospice. The transition to Hospice was natural and allowed the ability to continue to care for both the patient and their family with a holistic and compassionate approach. Making a difference in someone’s life by just being you is very fulfilling.

Carol loves to camp, fish, hike, travel, quilt, and spend time with family and friends. Her favorite place to reconnect with herself and nourish her heart and soul is the ocean. She is planning to learn to surf one day soon.

Favorite mottos, “Always take the high road”, “Take care of your thoughts when you are alone and take care of your words when you are with people”, “Always give others’ the time to listen because you don’t know what a difference that might mean to them”, and “Treat others’ the way you want to be treated.”


Mary Fernandez LPN

Certification Coordinator

Mary’s dream to become a nurse began at age six while sitting under a tree reading about Clara Barton. She earned her degree from Caldwell Memorial Hospital in 1981. Mary has worked in hospice for the past ten years, grounded in her belief that every life has meaning and everyone deserves peace at the end of life.  She is passionate about individual stories and choices. Mary enjoys reading, time with grandchildren, searching for gems at yard sales and celebrating holidays where “you can never have too many decorations.”

Carrie Collins LPN

On-Call Nurse

Carrie is a Boise State University graduate and has been a nurse for 10 years, working in Internal Medicine and Administration at Saint Alphonsus. This is her first year in hospice. She has a heart for the older population and enjoys this opportunity to develop as a nurse. Carrie views each patient as a unique individual who deserves to be treated with specific needs, not as number or a statistic.  Her faith and family are most important to her and she enjoys hiking, camping, reading, music and attending concerts.  Carrie lives by the following motto: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”


Stacey Duarte CNA

Hospice Aide

Stacey began work as a C.N.A. and Medical Technician in 2012; she joined Lighthouse over two years ago and fell in love with it.  “I love that I’m able to spend more time with patients and choose my own schedule. I feel independent.”  The medical field has helped Stacey to better understand life in varying stages. Her greatest passion is helping people and she is well known for her skill and gentle compassion.  Stacey enjoys movies and spending time with her family. She has always wanted to go skydiving and inherited her life motto from her parents:  “Do good without judging at first appearance.”

James Bell


James is an ecclesiastically endorsed and clinically trained chaplain and bereavement coordinator. He has served in these roles in five hospitals among four states since 2015. His expertise is informed in part by 23 years of Marine Corps service, followed by chaplaincy and bereavement care in private homes, veteran and senior living facilities, intensive care units, and emergency rooms. James is a passionate believer in unconditional love and respect for all and an advocate for evidence-based research that shows how meaningful spirituality increases well-being and quality of life. He is always ready and willing to walk beside and encourage others, especially in sensitive times of vulnerability, uncertainty and grief. An Oregon native and college football fan (Go Ducks!), James enjoys great outdoor adventures and Italian food. He is blessed with an incredible wife, seven children, and three grandchildren.


Sara Koster RN, CHPN

Case Manager

With thirty years of nursing experience, Sara worked as a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurse until joining the hospice field three years ago.  Working in the medical arena reminds her that we are ALWAYS learning!  Sara loves snow skiing, boating, water skiing and watching her kids play sports.  She also enjoys home decorating, holiday fun, and spending time with friends and family.  Her deepest passion is witnessing her children move through the challenges and successes of life. In the future, Sara would like to travel in the New Hampshire area to enjoy the beautiful fall colors.  As a motto, Sara likes to think “If I can make someone’s day just a little better in any way, then my time is not wasted.”

Fernanda Stanger CNA

Hospice Aide

Starting her career in healthcare as a housekeeper for an assisted living facility Fernanda has always loved working in the geriatric field. She continued her love for the elderly by becoming a concierge at the same facility and then a caregiver. Fernanda decided to further her education and become a certified nursing assistant which she loves! After working for two years in Oregon, Fernanda met her husband and they decided t0 move to Idaho with their Great Dane Zoey. She worked in a skilled nursing facility for a year, educating herself in how to deal with patients with mental illnesses. Fernanda loves spending her time with our Lighthouse patients now, trying to make sure she gets a smile and hopefully even a laugh each time she sees. Fernanda likes to relax with her now three Great Danes, go camping, and just have a good time enjoying the nature that Idaho provides.

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Megan Plott CNA

Hospice Aide

Megan is a college student at Boise State University studying nursing. She always knew she wanted to be a nurse since she was a child and has started working toward that dream by starting as a CNA; she began training through the College of Western Idaho as a junior in high school and began work with Lighthouse Hospice in July of 2020. She loves working as a CNA because it pushes her to be a better person daily and she loves the challenges of the job. Megan loves the outdoors and aspires to travel the world and experience new things and meet the beautiful people that populate this earth!

Lee Ann Chiarolanza RN - Volunteer Coordinator

Evelyn Inaba - Licensed Massage Therapist

Ben Chiarolanza BS, RN - Case Manager



Kellie brings wonderful experience and expertise to our team, having served as a nurse for more than twenty years.  Her education includes a master’s degree in nursing education.  Family is central in her life and she enjoys an annual family trip to Disneyland. Kellie experiences meaning and purpose in helping hospice patients and families navigate the dying process through education and through her comforting presence.  Her life hero is her father, a veteran, who loves his family and embodies both compassion and honor.

Clinical Director